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Spinal Tumor Testimonials

B. Leeman

In November of 2009, I went for an MRI to find the cause of neck pain and mild tingling/numbness in my right hand. I had also been experiencing electric shocks going down both arms whenever I sneezed. The expected result of the MRI was some arthritis and perhaps a pinched nerve. The actual result was far more surprising. I had an ependymoma (tumor) embedded in the center of my spinal cord in my neck. I was told it was likely benign, but its location and size made it quite serious. Within 36 hours, I was seated in the office of Dr. Richard Jackson of DSN.

Although I was somewhat in shock and unable to completely comprehend the seriousness of my situation, I knew that as a lay person, unfamiliar with the medicine, I had a decision to choose a professional in whom I could put complete trust. I realized that all function below my neck traveled through that area.

After meeting Dr. Jackson and talking to my neurologist and others familiar with the medical profession in Dallas, I felt the confidence to move ahead. The final assurance came when a friend called who had spoken with someone who has been in the Dallas medical community for over 40 years and who had asked, “Who is her surgeon? Is it Richard Jackson?”

Ten days later I was in surgery. Throughout preparation, surgery, and follow-up I felt I had the full attention and care of Dr. Jackson and his staff. In recovery and rehab, not a day passed that I did not see him or his nurse practitioner, usually him. Upon returning home, I found that phone calls to the office were returned promptly. 

On my most recent visit, which was a three-month checkup, after spending an unhurried and plentiful amount of time with me, he turned back as he was leaving the room and asked if he had answered all of my questions. When I realized after he left that I indeed did have one more, his nurse practitioner spent another five to 10 minutes patiently going over my concern.

Surgery is more than medicine. It is your life and future. Fear and vulnerability become familiar, and combating those feelings is part of the process. Dr. Jackson and his staff continually gave me time, conversation and hope along with reality and truth.  

C. Fernandez

I was so nervous and scared after being diagnosed with a spinal mass, but Dr. Krumerman was very compassionate and friendly. He answered all my questions and discussed my options being uninsured, which is a huge burden for my family with much sensitivity. I left feeling hopeful and at peace. Thank you, Dr. Krumerman, you are a true example of what a doctor should be to his patients.

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