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Anterior Cervical Fusion Testimonials

P. Rogers

Dr. Weiner performed my anterior spinal fusion 6 months ago. The pain and numbness was instantly relieved. Shelly was so helpful in making sure all appointments would work with my schedule and made me feel comfortable with the procedure. Dr. Weiner's entire staff and the hospital staff couldn't have been more helpful. 

B. Woodruff

We would like to thank Dr. Jackson, Daphne, and Tina for the treatment my husband received.  They treated him with the best care we could have ever imagined, and made him feel like he was their most important patient. He went to see Dr. Jackson after dealing with 2-3 years of pain in his neck area that had rapidly progressed in the past 6 months. Daphne scheduled our first appt 2 weeks after I called to schedule it, then called with the first cancellation, and he was able to be seen much sooner than anticipated. At that appt, Dr. Jackson informed us that my husband would need anterior fusion surgery and bone spurs removed, and that he has Degenerative Disc Disease. He was in surgery within 2 weeks. Tina, Daphne and Dr. Jackson were extremely nice and responsive to all of my husband's needs and understood the extent of my husband's pain and discomfort.  I did extensive research before choosing Dallas Neurological and Spine, and I feel like I selected the best place for my husband's procedure. It has been 3 weeks, and he has none of the pain, numbness, or weakness in his hands, arms, neck and shoulders he was experiencing that was unbearable at  times. We can not thank them enough or say enough kind words to describe the care he received.

C. Delaurentis

I highly recommend Dallas Neurosurgical and Spine. I was a long time Presby hospital ER nurse and chose Dr. Denning because of working beside him in the ER. It was his patience and empathy that impressed me the most. Even in a busy ER, he took the time to really listen to his patients and as a nurse I know how important that is. He performed a cervical fusion on me that totally relieved all of my horrible incapacitating neck pain. I'm so grateful for his expertise in his field.

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