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Spinal Stenosis Testimonials

H. Budow

After several months of varying levels of pain, tingling and numbness radiating down my left arm from the shoulder through to the hand I was referred to Dr. Jackson by another neurosurgeon. This referral followed an MRI.  Getting the MRI done was an important diagnostic step. Dr. Jackson and the Dallas Neurosurgical & Spine team responded with recommendations for surgical repair to avoid potential restrictions on use or potential paralysis.

Dr. Jackson and his nurse practioner, Tina, provided clear and concise discussion regarding my options. At the age of 47, with the hope of continuing an active life without risk of paralysis and free of pain, I underwent a multiple-level disc removal and replacement with “bank” bone and the fusion of three cervical vertebrae. Dr. Jackson’s description of the process and what was to be expected was spot on.

Now, one year later, with slowly increasing physical exertion within the reasonable limits prescribed, I am back to exercising and completing activities at very nearly equal levels to before the injury. I’m even playing golf!  Some minor muscle soreness persists on occasion, but a little rest improves the ache along with an acetaminophen. As Dr. Jackson and Tina suggested, “Listen to your body.” They recommended consistently building strength and stamina which is a good prescription for a healthy lifestyle anyway.

Making the decision to have Dr. Jackson operate was the best choice in a less-than-ideal circumstance. His experience, confidence, quiet approach and skill combine to provide an excellent result. It’s hard to imagine saying, but having Dr. Jackson operate on my cervical spine was a pleasure – given the necessity. Tina was a fantastic complement and a good resource for information, quite responsive as well. The rest of the DNS staff was supportive and helpful when most needed. I would highly recommend Dr. Jackson and his team to anyone who might need a neurosurgeon.

C. Guynes

I had been in severe pain for over a year, and it was getting worse. Physical therapy, epidural steroid injections and medication did not relieve my pain. Dr. Jackson performed X_STOP surgery (inserted between L4 & L5) on my back in December 2009. I felt significantly better the next day. My recovery period was very short and I was able to play golf in just 12 weeks. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Jackson and his staff for their caring attitude. He does a very good job of answering questions, and his staff is first-class.

Dallas Neurosurgical & Spine is convenient and provides excellent care. I would strongly recommend Dr. Jackson to anyone considering back surgery. He has significantly improved my life.

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